The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is proud to sponsor a Veterans Diversion Program (VDP) in Atlantic County.

Under the VDP, eligible veterans who are charged with certain qualifying crimes may be eligible for diversion to rehabilitative treatment in lieu of the traditional criminal justice process. The program involves intensive supervision and monitoring of a veteran’s treatment by an applicable treatment provider, the Veterans Administration (VA), this Office, and a volunteer mentor assigned to support the veteran. Participants must meet all diversion requirements to remain in the VDP, and the program must be successfully completed within two years from the date of diversion. Veterans admitted into the program are expected to regularly attend counseling and, where applicable, receive mental health or substance abuse treatment in accordance with VDP conditions. A veteran who successfully completes the terms and conditions of this program to the satisfaction of the prosecutor, has not been the subject of any subsequent criminal charges and continues to make progress with mental health and/or substance abuse treatment shall have his/her charges dismissed.

To be eligible for the VDP, the applicant must be an Active (to include Reserve and National Guard servicemembers) or former member of the United States armed forces and the charges must have some causal relation to their military service. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office retains sole discretion over who is admitted into the VDP. Veterans charged with more serious, violent crimes will not be deemed eligible for VDP participation.

How to Apply:

Attorneys who believe their clients may qualify for this program should complete the Application form, Referral form, Medical Release form, and VA Form 10-5345. These forms are available through the links below. The forms may be completed online and saved to your computer by selecting “File/Save As.” The completed .pdf forms should then be emailed to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Rick McKelvey at

For further information regarding the program please click on the “Prosecutor Directive” link and/or the “FAQ” link below. Questions not answered by those links can be directed to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Rick McKelvey (609) 909-7797 or by email to the link above.

Veterans Diversion Program Application

Veterans Diversion Program Directive

Veterans Diversion Program FAQ

Referral Form

Release of Records etc_

VA Medical Release_Form