Intelligence and Homeland/School Security Unit

Section Commander Captain Patrick Snyder
Unit Commander Lieutenant Luke Ireland
Critical Infrastructure Coordinator Agent Joseph McFadden

The Intelligence and Homeland/School Security Unit of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office conducts criminal investigations as directed by the Prosecutor and/or the Chief of County Detectives. The Unit works closely with the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJ OHS&P) on various tips and leads on potential terrorism developed in or referred to Atlantic County.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office continues as the lead agency for the Emergency Support Function 13 – Public Safety and Security Annex as it relates to “all hazards emergencies” in Atlantic County.  In this role, the Intelligence Unit coordinates all law enforcement activities during an activation/emergency from the Emergency Operations Center and in coordination with the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness.

The Intelligence Unit also continues to coordinate the Cooperating Defendants System and serves as the bias crime clearing house in Atlantic County.

The Intelligence Unit performs a variety of support functions, which include:

  • Coordinating homeland security matters with the Municipal Counter Intelligence Coordinators;
  • Analyzing crime data to identify specific areas affected by high crime rates and mapping those areas for intelligence purposes;
  • Publication of the Police Information Network (PIN) newsletter;
  • Coordinating the use of the License Plate (ALPR) Systems with the office;
  • Conducting Gang Threat Assessments;
  • Preparing special projects, presentation and analytical products on request;
  • Maintain and audit deconfliction of planned law enforcement events
  • Coordinate defendant case files deemed High Risk For Violence (HRV) with Atlantic City Violent Crime Unit;
  • Coordinate defendant case files deemed Targeted Anti-Gun Violence with municipal and state agencies;
  • Liaison between the NJSP Regional Operations Center (ROIC), newly formed NJSP Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), and Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office