Financial Crimes

Supervising Attorney: Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Flammer

Section Commander: Captain Kevin Hincks

Unit Commander: Lieutenant James Kirschner

The mission of the Financial Crimes Unit is to investigate various types of crimes related to theft and fraud, often known as white-collar crime. These types of investigations are usually very complex and require the ability to organize and analyze large amounts of records. A substantial amount of time and resources are often required to prepare and prosecute these types of criminal cases in the courts. Although these crimes are mostly nonviolent, they greatly impact the social and moral fabric of our society. The victims often suffer not only financial losses, but sometimes get adversely impacted in all areas of their business and personal affairs.

Many of the insurance fraud cases that are investigated originate with information obtained through collaboration with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the New Jersey Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, and various local police departments in Atlantic County.

Many private companies and local businesses seek guidance from members of the Financial Crimes Unit after they have been victimized in a fraudulent transaction. In some cases, detectives in the unit are able to provide support to these public and private entities by providing suggestions on how to reduce their risk of such crimes in the future.