Crash Investigations Unit

Section Commander Captain Kevin Hincks

Unit Supervisor Sgt. James Rosiello

Transportation in Atlantic County consists of several major roadways, NJ Transit operations (bus and rail), airports and intercoastal water ways.  All of these support a significant year-round and seasonal tourist population.  These transportation systems are protected by various municipal, county, state and transit law enforcement agencies.  In the event of a serious incident involving one of these transportation systems, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office supports these agencies through the Crash Investigations Unit.

Members of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office – Crash Investigations Unit are trained to meet both national and/or international standards for accident investigations.  The Crash Investigations Unit also employs several technology solutions to aid in these investigations.  The unit combines traditional investigative techniques, the science of accident reconstruction and technological solutions to meet best practices for investigating accidents and bringing them to a successful resolution.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office – Crash Investigations Unit also works with municipal police departments to conduct numerous Driving Under the Influence checkpoints and/or patrols every year throughout Atlantic County.