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Atlantic County is unique in New Jersey, in that it is home to Atlantic City, the only municipality in the state where casino gaming is permitted.   Seven casino/hotels, which attract more than 30 million visitors each year, currently operate in Atlantic City.   Those numbers are in addition to the many seasonal tourists who visit Atlantic County each summer.   Their numbers undersize the figure of 274,549 permanent residents of our county and contribute significantly to the need for prosecutorial and related criminal justice services provided by this office.

frontThe New Jersey Constitution provides that each county shall have a County Prosecutor.   This constitutional provision is implemented by a statute creating the Office of the County Prosecutor which mandates that the criminal business of the state be prosecuted exclusively by the County Prosecutor except in those cases where the Attorney General may choose to supersede.   The statute charges the County Prosecutor with the duty of using all reasonable and lawful diligence for the detection, arrest, indictment and conviction of offenders against the law.

The Office of the Prosecutor in Atlantic County is located in Mays Landing, New Jersey, with a satellite office maintained in Atlantic City.

The office has a staff of a 178, which includes the Prosecutor, First Assistant Prosecutor, Chief of County Detectives, Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor, 7 Chief Assistant Prosecutors, 37 Assistant Prosecutors, 5 captains, 9 lieutenants, 18 sergeants, 44 detectives and 11 agents.   The balance of the staff consists of clerical and support personnel.

Atlantic County is comprised of 23 municipalities with 18 separate municipal police departments which fall under the jurisdiction of the Atlantic County Prosecutor.

Atlantic County is located in the southeastern portion of New Jersey, with the Atlantic Ocean at its shores.   To the south of Atlantic County, beyond the Tuckahoe River is Cape May County.   To the southwest is Cumberland County.   Lying west of the only straight line border are Gloucester and Camden Counties.   To the north across the Mullica River and Greate Bay is found Burlington and Ocean Counties.   Atlantic County covers a total area of 556 square miles.

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Update 1/4/2017